about us

Feel new experiments of Tehran's lifestyle


We are a couple live in Tehran city center in an old stylish apartment (60 years old). The apartment is well decorated with Iranian elements and artistic point of view. We have a normal ordinary life and would like to share the place with tourists. The tourists have the opportunities to experience of real Tehranian life style here. We can join them going shopping, talking and chatting.


Tehran, the city in which we live, is losing its old big pleasant houses to the soulless skyscrapers due to the high price of land which persuades the landlords to sell or destruct their property. Those old nostalgic houses were homes to several generations of Tehrani families who experienced all sort of social happenings there; from marriage and having children to witnessing a revolution and hearing the sound of Saddam Hussein’s rockets and eventually stepping into the modern world and communication era. Old houses are witness to all of these events.
Every single person who lived in them has a history book hidden in their memory which can be quite tense, yet interesting at the same time. We, at Tehrani House, decided to be the storytellers of these memories. We tried to turn the clock back and show our guests the original Iranian lifestyle before it got drowned in social economic issues. We want to show our guests the noble tradition of Persian hospitality and give them a taste of traditional Iranian food.
One of the most important ways of knowing a culture, is through interaction with local people and chatting about cultural and historical subjects. You get to have conversations with the host at Tehrani house, watch movies, read books, drink coffee or tea, visit local market and nearby attractions and gain a lasting experience of staying in Tehran.

The House

The house is one of the 3 units of the 60 years old building. At the time of its construction, it was a part of the wealthy neighborhood, but with the expansion of the city it is now located in the center of the city but the alley where the house is there, has kept its old texture well in terms of architecture. 
Fortunately, the house is in a great position in terms of access to other places. Metro, bus, taxi and other public transport as well as many historical and spectacular places of Tehran are within a short distance from the house.